About Hired Hands

In June of 1989 Mont and LaTonne Stout founded Deaf Elderly Adults Foundation, Inc. One of the services provided was sign language interpreting. Over the years as the demand for interpreting grew, the concept of an independent sign language agency was formed. Then in March of 1998, the Stouts with co-founder Sammie Sheppard established Hired Hands, Inc. Today, the company continues to grow and provide interpreting services to the community.

Why You Need A Sign Language Interpreter

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf/Blind individuals communicate in various ways, depending on their degree of deafness, the age they became deaf, and their educational and environmental background.

Common Misconceptions are:

  • All Deaf people can read lips
  • All Deaf people can read and write in English
  • All Deaf people who can speak can also understand what you say

Please remember that your ability to understand the deaf person does not mean they can understand you. Communication must work both ways and everyone has the right to have access to information. Miscommunication can result in serious needs going unmet.

Writing notes is not an option for many Deaf individuals. English is not usually their first language.

Making Your Appointment

  • An interpreter needs to be requested as soon as you know you will need to communicate with a Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deaf/Blind individual.
  • The more time you give our agency to schedule an interpreter, the better the opportunity for you have the best interpreter matched to your situation.
  • Due to high demand for interpreting services, we ask for 3-5 business days notice for scheduled appointments. If we are unable to provide an interpreter, we will refer you to another agency.
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